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To merge 2 (or more) Accounts under one email address please fill out the Merge Accounts Form.

Merge Accounts Form35

Note: Please note once you send this form off to us, our agents will perform the request within 24- 48... (More)

How to cancel a subscription

  1. Go to the Billing Section29 of your Mindvalley Account.
  2. Click on "Cancel Subscription" under "Status"

Once done, you will see the status of your subscription in red as "Inactive". You won’t be charged... (More)

1. Login to your account at Mindvalley.com24
2. Click on the Profile /Account Icon on the top right corner, then select My Account.
3. Please click the billing tab on the left.

Click the update button next to your... (More)

Where To Find My Payments On App:

For all purchases made In-App please go to the Google Play Store/ Apple store to find your billing information.

For all your purchases made on the Mindvalley site, you will need to check... (More)