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The Uncompromised Life
The Uncompromised Life
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Hi @Beethovens Veus1 The best place to ask questions related to particular programs is either in the connections app or the tribe community (https://community.mindvalley.com1). Thanks.

If you do not have connections app, please download from iOS/Google Play Store.... (More)

Yo! The community group should be on the top right beneath the title of the program after you've clicked on it. The QnA sessions will be in the mindvalley Calender.

Try searching for it on google, add it to your... (More)

Hello @Vashti Beharry 13 I apologize for the delay. In regards to your inquiry, the following programs are not included within the Mindvalley Membership subscription.

  • WildFit
  • Lifebook Online
  • Unlimited Abundance
  • Unlimited Abundance Live
  • Evercoach
  • Soulvana

If you want to learn more... (More)