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The Silva Ultramind System
The Silva Ultramind System
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Hi @Umer Farooq 2 Thanks for asking the question. This is forum, where friends come with customer support issues.

The more appropriate venue for you to get an answer fast is the community. Please ask the question here:

All the... (More)

Hi @Kathy Sindoni5 if you have bought the standalone Silva Ultra Mind Quest, you will have lifetime access to it.

If you bought the membership, then you will have access only for the duration of the subscription.

You can access... (More)

Hi @JERO JEMIWI 6 Generally, for many quests, there will be a completion test or quiz in the last day's lessons. Passing that will enable you to earn the certificate.

I am not 100% sure about Ultramind Quest. I have included... (More)