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Purchasing All Access
Purchasing All Access
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Hi @Mary4 Mary, there are only 2 ways to pay for the membership. $99/month which is a monthly payment and $499/year which is a yearly payment. You can take the subscription at

There are no other options available as... (More)

Hola, @Patricia Boguen8 lamento muchísimos los inconvenientes que has enfrentado, nuestros registros indican que estås conversando con Keyla una de mis compañeras, todavía necesitas asistencia?

Para encontrar respuestas a todas sus preguntas en nuestro idioma nativo, Ășnase a nuestro grupo... (More)

Hi @Illia Slipchenko 14 for now, only the Russian programs are included in the Russian membership. No English programs are included.

That is why, in my view, English version is better even though it is costlier by $150.

However, when the... (More)