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Purchases and Billing
Purchases and Billing

Everything you need to know about your purchases, refunds, payments and billing. To learn more click here.

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Hi @Cindi 3 if you have purchased standalone quest of 'Uncompromised Life', you WILL have lifetime access to it.

Please cancel the subscription BEFIRE the renewal date. Otherwise, the money will be deducted and the courses can be accessed until the... (More)

Hello, @Mimi I apologize for the delay. In order to receive the required assistance, could you please be so kind to provide me with the email address in your account?

Hi @sofia Avramidou5 you can get the regular $499/year offer for mind valley membership directly from

Read more about membership here3.

If you want to take the membership and cancel the quest payment, you can ask fir refund... (More)