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Getting Started
Getting Started

Everything you need to know about your Mindvalley Account from Navigation to Accessing your Quests and Subscriptions. To learn more about Getting Started, Click here

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Brandy, please feel free to reach out to me. I have a lot of personal experience with addiction and I‘d be happy to listen to what you have to say with no judgement. 

Hi @Connie Spruill1 the quest will start from 8th March or tomorrow.

Each day, the lesson opens at the time around midnight US time every day.

All the best. Thanks.

Hi @Connie Spruill4 The quest starts from today. Each day, the videos will unlock around midnight in US time. So, please wait another 7 or 88 hours patiently.

Thanks. All the best for your lucid dreaming journey.

Olá Stela Reis Treinadora Emocional e Comportamental ,

Para podermos auxiliar da melhor maneira possível, poderia por gentileza nos escrever no suporte, já que iremos precisar de informações pessoais como e-mail para localizar sua conta?

O link do suporte é... (More)