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Access my quest
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Here is how to start your program:

  1. Select the Quest you want to begin
  2. Click Select Start date
  3. Choose a date to begin and you are Set!

Now you have access to your program. Here is an article48 to... (More)

All purchased Quests here in Mindvalley, will be available to you for a lifetime and you can re-take it as often as you wish.

If you are referring to Quests from any of the subscriptions we offer, you will only... (More)

For you to Access your Account and view your Quests, please make sure you are logged in to this link. 52Enter your correct credentials : Your email address you used with us and Password.

You will find your Quests under... (More)

Hi, a similar thing happened to me. I found everything that was started, in the ‘continue‘ that. This maybe the same for you. I hope you find this helpful!