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Asked a question 3 months ago

PLEASE NEED HELP! I've seen ALL of teh options, I checked on the two accounts I could have and I can't find the program I paid for (Unlimited abundance by Christie Maria Sheldom), I got the payment confirmation email from Mindvalley and my bank. I thought ok.. if I can't find the program on "All programs" I'll ask for the refund and it says I haven't paid for anything!!! Please Help!

Where am I?

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New Path, new focus

Hi Mon, I am not Support. I had the same problem until I realised the Abundance session are not under Quests or Programs. Look under Channels. You will find them easily on the App on a phone. Scroll almost down to the bottom and you'll see it there. I hope this solves it for you.

Hi @Mon Yurdz17  Sorry for the late reply. you will find your quest under Channel tab and not My Programs tab. I kindly request to not sure any personal information or documents at the forum as this is a public space to protect you privacy. Here is an article to explain more about it, click here.15

Hi @Angelika Imber Imber19  Sorry for the late reply. As for the Mindvalley Membership subscription, you will find it under both My Programs tab and Channels tab. Hope that helps you. Here is an article that can guide you on how to navigate your account, click here17.