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Asked a question 27 days ago

Mindvalley have given out conflicting timings about today's (Thursday 15th April) talk about the CIA Gateway investigation (Page 25) with Charlie Morley, Jade Shaw, Vishen Lakhiani & Monroe Institute. I have an email that says 3:00 pm UK time. Monica Ducu has said 4:00 pm in a Telegram group. I can't find the event anywhere on the Mindvalley website. Please could someone confirm the time of the event?

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Hi @Alec Stansfield8  according to my main page, the event is at 4 pm London time. The zoom  link to join is That event is followed by Sri Kumar Rao's call with Vishen. You can check the correct timings here:

All the best. Thanks.

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Asked a question 27 days ago
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