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Asked a question 3 months ago

Mindvalley all acces subscription not working, its paid for. First bought it through your site and it worked for half a day, then cancelled it and bought it through play store, after asking for a refund. Same story, worked for half a day. A flawed system would be fine if the customer support was atleast ok. But these waiting times are way to long. Love your quest, and im in the middle of 2 quests right noe, that i cannot attend. So lesson learned, dont change from a monthly to an annual subscription as their system cannot handle it. Ps, ive gotten atleast 6 confirmations on me vanceling my subscription, which is false, as i only unsubscribed 2 times.

Where am I?

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Hi @Birger 15 Sorry to hear you are facing this. An easy way to check the status of your  subscription is via your account. Here is an article to guide you through, click here.18

If you are unable to see your subscription, please have your receipt or confirmation email ready and reach out to our support team at support@mindvalley.com15 to assist you further.