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Asked a question 4 months ago

I started WildFit in August 2020 but didn't finish it. I would like to choose a new start date but it just shows as "completed" in my app. Does anyone know how to "uncomplete" WildFit so I can choose a new start date?

Where am I?

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Hello @Sacha 17 I apologize for the delay. The option to change the cohort date for the WildFit Quest has been disabled by request of the trainer, to avoid spoilers to new subscribers. At this point, we would be unable to enroll you on a new Cohort date.

If you would like to do it along with the new batch of students and community, you may have to re-purchase again.

However, please keep in mind the quest content you purchased is prerecorded, and The Wildfit Quest you have taken will remain available to you in the programs section of our website for life for you to revisit as often as you may need.

Thank you tons for your patience!