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Asked a question 18 days ago

I signed up for an event starting at 11 am EST today. the link is there and the join online button, but when I click on either of them nothing happens. I went to my PC, logged in, but the same event isn't showing up for me to link in there. How do I get connected to the event?

Where am I?

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Hi @Barbara Visco8 can you please name the event... There was one event "Premium coaching call with Vishen" which was posted by accident before. It is only available for Premium Coaching (Level 4) students not Membership (Level 3) students and they corrected the error after a couple of days.

Is it that event you are talking about? Thanks.

The only event happening today was 'Embrace your Inner Game and Be a Noble Badass' with Allana Pratt and it was scheduled for 10 AM EST. Thanks.