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Asked a question 3 months ago

I'm having such a hard time here. My month subscription ended on Google play and I bought yearly subscription from Mindvalley website. Everyday my account is cancelled with messages telling me I must welcome and choose a quest etc. All my past progress disappears. I must write emails everyday then someone switches something it works again for some hours- I can see the quests I am on and access lessons from completed quests etc. Then it's cancelled again to zero. And I must be able to go doing quests during these precious hours- or I fall behind in the quest. This is day 6. Then I realised today- my email freezes every time I try to write a message to Mindvalley! The chat in the support also doesn't load my messages. Very hitech cancellation. It's not wrong for me to expect that after I paid I simply use what I paid for without all this trouble. I have never experienced such a thing before. First they said it's Google play cancelling it. That can't be right. The subscription from Google play ended and we've all used Google play before. This doesn't happen. I need a solution. Who to take this problem to to actually solve it permanently?

Where am I?

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Hi @Mma Pinky 15  Sorry to hear you are facing this. Your question is a technical issue and we will need more information from you to assist you further. I would like to inform you that any purchases done via Apple store or Google play are not managed by Mindvalley and you will need to reach back to Google play again to learn more about your subscription status. Please send us an email now to support@mindvalley.com13 with a copy or a screenshot of your receipt of purchase from Google play and we shall assist you accordingly.