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Asked a question 20 days ago

I'm about to sign up for All Access, but was having trouble moving around on the site to get more info. I have a log-in, even though I have not yet paid for anything. When I try to get to my log-in profile, the link always breaks. I was told that this can happen on Safari (my preferred browser). I just downloaded Brave, since Chrome's privacy issues are pretty huge and I'd like to avoid it. (My understanding is that Brave uses the Chromium technology, so might function pretty closely to Chrome itself. That was my hope at least, to find a browser that would work, but not be as privacy-invading as Chrome.) But the link broke there too. I just had my son impersonate me to try it out on Chrome on his laptop, and it did not work there either, which indicates this is not a Chrome issue, but an issue on the Mindvalley side of things. What is the next step? How do I know that MV will work after I've paid for a membership?

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Hi @Jenny5 Thank you for your question, can you please clarify what you meant by the Link breaking, are you unable to navigate your account or the page keeps loading?  I kindly ask for you to connect with our support and provide screenshots with what you are facing at share with our team at