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Asked a question 18 days ago

I contacted MindValley on 3/26/21 after I received an email stating an attempt on payment was unsuccessful at which point I reached out confirming I had been attempting to cancel this subscription to no success and did NOT want to purchase the membership- I received an automated response redirecting me to a support page where I finally was able to cancel- again this was on 3/26/21. On 3/31/21 however, the payment was STILL charged after I had specifically mentioned I did not want it. Even still after being charged, now my account says CANCELLED yet I do not access to any link to receive my refund nor access to any of the programs offered, can you please advise as to when I should see my refund or at least the link for it. Anytime I click on the support link it takes me back to the main page and I am unable to attach any supporting emails. NEED HELP!!!!!!!! THIS IS GOING ON A MONTH AND IT IS UNPROFESSIONAL AND RIDICULOUS THAT I STILL CAN'T GET A SIMPLE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where am I?

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Hello, @Mimi I apologize for the delay. In order to receive the required assistance, could you please be so kind to provide me with the email address in your account?