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Asked a question 3 months ago

I am located in the United States. My understanding from Vishen's video update for 2021 and on the membership enrollment page on this website was that Mindvalley All Access with Mentoring is now one price, bundled at $499 annually. However, my credit card was just charged for two items as a renewal (I believe this is more than it cost last year as well): $99 for Mindvalley Mentoring and $595 for All-Access Quest = $694 vs $499. I cannot find any instructions on how to email or contact billing support about a billing concern - just this forum, or directions to a page to request to cancel my membership. I don't want to cancel it, but I would like to pay $499 as I expected, rather than $694. (I assume as a US customer there is no VAT issue.) How can I request the billing credit? Thanks in advance for assistance! Jo

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Hi @Jo 14  I would recommend for you to check your subscription via your account, here is an article to guide on the steps, click here14.

Yes now, Mindvalley Mentoring is part of Mindvalley Membership for $499 yearly and $99 monthly. You can read more on what to expect here, click here16.

If you wish, you can cancel the Mentoring subscription and get the Mindvalley Membership, you can manage that from your account, as shown in the first article above. Hope this helps you.