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Asked a question 7 days ago

How do I get all my work WORD DOC into Lifebook for Jon and Missy to make my official Lifebook like I see in the pictures that people are holding? ...or is that not done anymore? I only posted a small portion of each category in the discussion sections. I want to check on this before I submit my refund request so please expedite your response. I really wanted to move into Mastery but the money was a loan. Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Linda Brown5 This is not a perfect answer as I still haven't done LifeBook (yet!), but from the live call that Vishen did with Jon and Missy, they implied that they stopped giving binders to the students who are enrolled into the quest since last two years as the cost has become prohibitive.

So, in my view, if you have all the WORD documents with you that you have filled, you will have to print them yourself into a book.

All the best for your lifebook journey. Thanks.

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