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Asked a question last month

Hi! I see that Russian version of the membership is 150 USD cheaper than the English one. Could you please advise what is the difference? Does the English version provide more quests?Also, shall I decide to stay with my English version, am I still able to choose the language for those quests that are available in Russian?Thank you!

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Hi @Illia  Slipchenko 10 for now, only the Russian programs are included in the Russian membership. No English programs are included.

That is why, in my view, English version is better even though it is costlier by $150.

However, when the regional networks are fully active in Mindvalley, Vishen says we can choose up to 3 languages. I hope that then, we can have access to all quests in all languages we have chosen. Right now, it is not there.

I don't know if you can choose the language for those quests as Russian... I will update if I know any new information.

You can read more about this here13, here13 and here12.

All the best. Thanks.