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Asked a question 3 months ago

Help! I'm getting really frustrated trying to find links/info on the Mindvalley website. I sat in on Vishen's orientation call but he went so fast it was more of an overview of Mindvalley's different apps/programs rather than a detailed how to of how to make the most of each platform, how to find what you're looking for. For example - I received an email telling me I now have access to Zenward Yoga but I can't find it anywhere on the website. It's not under the "Channel" section. I can see in the app but I don't want to use the app for programs. As well, Vishen mentioned a 'calendar' section on the website to access upcoming talks but I can't find a link anywhere. Could someone please help me navigate your site so I'm not wasting so much time to find things. It seems like every section has a separate website so I need to know the proper name of the website instead of being able to search for anything and everything from one single page. I do not want to use the app - I have challenges with my eyesight and need my laptop's screen to comfortable read/utilize the tools. Thanks.

Where am I?

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Hi @Catherine  Nugent17 you can go to and bookmark this URL. This is where your programs are located. On this page, Quests are under the tab 'My programs' and channels are under the tab 'Channels'.

If you want to go to directly go to any quest or programs, you can go to

For short single lesson courses like mentoring, mentoring at work, zenward etc... (all the programs you find in channels tab in the app), you can directly go to

You can find all the live calls that are scheduled at

Please bookmark these three URLs for the programs and channels and calendar at least so that you can directly go to them.

Hope that this information helps you to navigate MindValley website easily. Thanks.