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Asked a question 24 days ago

Hello, I received an email from lifebook saying that they would send me another email with the instructions for the refund. So I was relaxed because of this email, but the instructions never came. I am desperate because I need this money by the end of the month! I have no idea how to get this refund, there is no clear information in the site. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME GET MY REFUND ASAP?? PLEEEASE !!

Where am I?

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Hello again @Luisa  for Lifebook Online course, you normally receive the refund form at the end of the course. If you didn't receive it we apologize for that inconvenience but no worries you can contact our support team to refund your course :

Hello, @Luisa 8 I apologize for the delay. In order to receive the required assistance, I advise you to contact our support team at