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Asked a question 8 days ago

Hello! I just signed in for the Duality Quest, but i find interest in other Quests too, so I am thinking of upgrading to All Access. Is there any deadline to do the upgrade by paying the rest of the cost (means 200$ till 499$, as I already paid for 299$)? Because, as I am new, I would like to figure out how this is working a few days, before deciding if i can follow. Thank you.

Where am I?

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Hi @Konstantina Manioudaki4 Sine you have purchased a standalone quest, you can get the first year of membership for $300 for the first year instead of the regular $499/yr.

You will have LIFETIME validity for Duality quest since you purchased it separately. For all the quests you get access to through membership, you will have access as long as subscription is active.

Please send a request for $300 to the support at https://support.mindvalley.com2.

All the best. Thanks.