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Asked a question 10 days ago

Hello! I am new & I still finding my way around the platform. I'm enrolled in the Be Extraordinary & attempting to watch the pre-course videos. When I want to stop in the middle & start it later, some times it will work, some times it will just play audio, & some times I have to re-login into the website again ( Can some one point me to where I can learn more about navigating the videos? Thanks!

Where am I?

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Hi @Brent Calhoun5 the issue of having to relogin again is generally caused by cookie and cache issues for new members. Please clear the cookies and cache of the browser and login again. In 90% of the cases, the issue will be resolved.

I am not sure what might be the reason for the other issues that you have mentioned.

The article related to general audio/video issues can be found here3.

All the best. Thanks.

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