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Asked a question 16 days ago

Hello evryone, I am italian and I have decided to enroll in the all access program. My question is: why can't I follow english language programs in addition to the italian ones? Naturally I prefer the ones in italian, but many topics have been not translated. Can someone answer me? Thank you

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Hi @carla maggi6 The Membership in Italian only gives you access to programs in Italian.

I believe it is better for you to refund the Italian subscription and then purchase the English membership ($499/year) here4.

For more details about courses in other languages, you can refer to this article.

I believe that as the regional networks are more developed and when we can choose up to 3 languages (as Vishen has alluded to in one of the live talks), then we can also get access to programs in those languages. But,. right now, it is not possible.

All the best. Thanks