Lately I get the feeling that Mindvalley needs to check their website and supporting database.  I find the structure of the website to be very confusing.

3 different cases from my own experience:

1) Mindvalley All Access doesn't include Soulvana, Evercoach, etc.  A while ago I followed a 1 hr Masterclass "Love or Above" in which Vishen said you could access it through the Mindvalley App.  As I had just joined as an All Access member I went to look for it, but I couldn't find it.  Turns out it's not included in Mindvalley All Access but in Soulvana, which is separate.  This wasn't clear to me when I became a member.
Yes, I know that Soulvana rejoined with Mindvalley since this week.  But even now if I search on the website for "Love or Above" in the search bar on top and click on it, I just end up on my already ongoing programs.  So I still cannot get started with this... :-(

2) Last month I followed the Wildfit Masterclass after which I bought it (as it too wasn't part of my All Access membership disappointingly).  Since then I keep getting e-mails from Mindvalley to remind me to enroll, to remind me that the price reduction is expiring, etc.  I already enrolled and paid for it, I shouldn't get these e-mails anymore.  Right now I get about 3-4 e-mails from Mindvalley daily...

3) When I log in to the website ( on my desktop with the same e-mail account as on my iPad I can enter the website.  However again this website doesn't seem to know that I'm already an All Access member.  It doesn't offer me access to my programs and keeps offering me to become a member.  However through some random link I ended up on where my programs are available.

All these things make for a very confusing experience.  This doesn't change anything about the actual content however, which is great!