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What's Included
What's Included

Hi @Lidia6 Yes... you get Donna Eden quest included in the membership. For $499/year, you get access to every Mindvalley programs except WildFit, LifeBook and Unlimited Abundance.

There is no monthly payment. This subscription is yearly and will renew at... (More)

All Access includes all Mindvalley Quests (full list can be found here103).

Our partner programs and subscriptions are not included, for example, WildFit, Lifebook, Unlimited Abundance and Tantra Touch. As well as, Little Humans, Soulvana and Evercoach are... (More)

Hello, @Jo Raikes15 I am so sorry to hear you are facing difficulties to locate your Mindvalley Membership content, as per our records, you ordered the program using your 14address.

You will be able to find your purchase as... (More)

Hello @agnes nagygy 20, please let me apologize for the inconveniences you faced, with your All Access Membership subscription you receive access to all our course, but unfortunately, not to our Premium programs which are:

  • WildFit
  • Lifebook Online
  • Unlimited Abundance... (More)