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Bonjour @laurent 10 Merci pour cette remarque, je vais la transférer au département responsable pour la corriger. Bonne journée! 

Hola, @Cuchita Lluch García 10 Me disculpo por la tardanza. Con relación a tu consulta, nuestros programas no ofrecen subtítulos. Pero en el caso de Supercerebro, te ofrecemos una versión que ha sido traducida totalmente al español.

Te recomiendo contactar a... (More)

Can you access the program but not the community? Can you please trying to access the community trough the lessons...

Pick a lesson and from the lesson itself, you can see a tab 'Discussions' which will lead to the community.... (More)

Hello @Michaela 22, Do not worry, if you are not free at the given quest day and time, you can always change it to a later date. Our Quests have multiple start dates to better accommodate our students.

In order... (More)