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Purchasing All Access
Purchasing All Access

Hi @Fay 1 you can read more about Mindvalley Membership here.

If you wish, you can refund the quest (1-click for the first 15 days. See here2)

However, since you have just bought it yesterday, please send a message... (More)

Hello, @Patricia Mills6 In regards to your inquiry, I advice you to cancel your subscription before the annual fee is collected. Then you will be able to re-order Mindvalley Membership at the desired price.

If you need more information, please... (More)

Hi @Jo 7 I would recommend for you to check your subscription via your account, here is an article to guide on the steps, click here8.

Yes now, Mindvalley Mentoring is part of Mindvalley Membership for $499 yearly and $99... (More)

Hi @Alessandro Neroni2 The language of your account only refers to the display language and not the actual language of the programs. Right now, all access pass is available for only these languages English5, Spanish13, Portuguese8, German... (More)19