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All you need to know about Masterclasses from where to find them, how  to select a date to replays. To learn more about Masterclasses, click here

Hello, @Stephen Summey I apologize for the delay. Unfortunately, our online player does not allow to go forward or backward in Masterclasses. However, if you need any specific video for a class you can reply to me the program and... (More)

Hi @Vala 3 right now, there are around 30,000 active all access members and I believe more than 99% of them are extremely happy.

You can look at 1000s of happy MindValley transformation stories at https://stories.mindvalley.com10.

When there is a business... (More)

Bonjour @laurent 1 Merci pour votre message et je suis désolé si vous avez trouvé des erreurs durant l'écoute du cours. Je ne suis pas le responsable de la traduction des cours mais je pourrai transférer votre demande au département responsable.... (More)