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All you need to know about Masterclasses from where to find them, how  to select a date to replays. To learn more about Masterclasses, click here

The Silva Ultramind System is the latest work by Jose Silva, finished just before he passed away, but never get to be published. And recently, Jose Silva's family asked Vishen to make it into a program so now Vishen is... (More)

Once you have completed the assessment test and successfully passed it. You will receive information on how to receive your certificate.

If you haven't received any information from us, please write to us at Mindvalley Support by click on the... (More)

Let's take some troubleshooting steps. Please log out from your account, clear your cache and cookies from your browser and log back in. Here is an article 6to guide on how to do that.

If you are still facing the... (More)

Do note that not all Masterclasses come with workbooks but on the page where you watch the actual Masterclass you will find this link under the video, as well as on the replay page that we will send to you... (More)