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All you need to know about Masterclasses from where to find them, how  to select a date to replays. To learn more about Masterclasses, click here

Hi @Elizabeth McGlasson 2 you can get a refund if less than 15 days have passed since you bought the program.

Go to and look for the relevant program you want to get refund for. Then, follow the instructions as... (More)

Hi @Stacey Prince4 The quests start every Monday. You can change the start date of a quest if you want. Please check the articles here2 and here2.

The life Visioning Mastery is of the 2 quests (other is super... (More)

Hi @Jamie3 congrats on taking the first step towards food freedom.

I remember Eric Edmeades saying that he recommends WildFit for anyone above age 18 and for some above 16. I believe that 9 is too young an age to... (More)

Hi @Rebecca4 one lesson will be unlocked each day around midnight. So, you may see the new lesson in your account unlocked as you wake up in the morning. Once unlocked, the lessons will stay unlocked. You can visit any... (More)