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Everything you need to know about your profile and your Mindvalley Account. To learn more click here.

Hola Jesus!

Estos estos videos que mencionas no los ofrecemos en español. El cambio de idioma solamente se aplica a los títulos e indicaciones, pero el contenido de muchos de los videos se ofrece solamente en inglés. Si deseas encontrar... (More)

To merge 2 (or more) Accounts under one email address please fill out the Merge Accounts Form.

Merge Accounts Form7

Note: Please note once you send this form off to us, our agents will perform the request within 24- 48... (More)

If you have forgotten or lost the password for your Mindvalley account, there is an easy way to recover it:

  1. Through the main login page. 10
  2. Through the settings page7 in your Mindvalley account.

Recovering Your Password through The Main Login... (More)

You will find your email under your Profile on your Mindvalley Account.

On App

You will find your email address under your name:

On Web:

You will find your email address under the Setting tab.

Click on the Profile Icon... (More)