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About Mindvalley
About Mindvalley

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Here are some simple guidelines for engaging in the Forum.

This group is for the purpose of learning, sharing experiences of the Quest content and helping one another throughout the journey.

Please note that we have a lot of answers... (More)

Hello, @gloria120unit 2 you ordered one of our courses, or you plan to order a program?

Hi @Kevin Sinclair5 I am not 100% sure, but I think I remember Vishen saying it is ok to share with a partner. In another call in January, Vishen said that with new content for Teens coming in the following... (More)

Hi @gloria120unit 5 you should use the email that you gave mindvalley when you purchased the course. In this case, I believe it is the gmail account.

Please look for a welcome Email from MindValley in the gmail inbox and proceed... (More)