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Dear Mindvalley Students!

We want to announce that we are CLOSING DOWN the FORUM and it will not be supported after May 14th, 2021 as we want to focus on providing exceptional service via our usual channels.

You will continue to have access to our Support Center,  you can search for questions and answers by typing relevant keywords in the search bar or by simply browsing through the articles there. It is a fully informed knowledge base to help you on your journey with us at Mindvalley. 

You will also have your Tribes for each Quest, any Quest related questions and engagements can be made there under Discussions. In addition to our Apps such as Mindvalley App, Connections App, where you can continue to grow, learn and develop with your peers. 

Wishing you a great journey with us and stay safe!

Mindvalley Forum Team! 

Anja&Roki commented 3 hours ago

Self Refund:

You can now refund a quest by yourself through the billing section of your account.

Steps to do a Self Refund

1. Log into your Mindvalley Account and click on the Profile icon on the top right-hand corner.... (More)

Anja&Roki commented 3 hours ago

Hi, to refund a program you can do it via your account if you are still within the refund policy period. Here is an article to guide you through, click here.36

We don't have the option of exchanging programs or... (More)

Ruchi updated 9 hours ago

@Zoë Farrell 2 yes the dates will keep rolling forward. the dates currently included are the 4 Mondays starting from the Monday of the week we are already in. So, it will always be in the 28 day window.

You can... (More)