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Simple guidelines for engaging in the Forum.

This group is for the purpose of learning, sharing experiences of the Quest content and helping one another throughout the journey. 

Please note we have a lot of answers to FAQs already available, so search for your question before posting as it might have already been answered,  In addition to our Support Center  that contains articles to all your questions.

For the sake of quality, if any rules above are breached, we reserve the right to remove posts and if it persists, we may remove the student from the Tribe.

The Forum is for:

  • peer to peer interactions
  • asking questions relevant to your Mindvalley journey

The Forum is NOT for:

  • personal promotion
  • spam
  • giving feedback - you can do so at
  • marketing of personal products or affiliate links to products
  • promoting blogs, Facebook pages or other groups
  • requesting “Likes” or “Clicks” for outside pages, blogs, programs, businesses


We also have Four New Localised Groups : French, Spanish, Portuguese and German. Join your Group and get answers to your questions in your Native Language. 

Pravina commented 17 days ago

Self Refund:

You can now refund a quest by yourself through the billing section of your account.

Steps to do a Self Refund

1. Log into your Mindvalley Account and click on the Profile icon on the top right-hand corner.... (More)

Brandy, please feel free to reach out to me. I have a lot of personal experience with addiction and I‘d be happy to listen to what you have to say with no judgement. 

Jaqui commented 8 hours ago

Hi @Jaqui 2 Thank you for your question, I would recommend to consult an expert or a medical consultant on this. I can also suggest to post this at your tribe to get feedback from your peers who are also taking... (More)